January 3, 2018

Artificial Reefs

For years, governments around the world have been sinking large pieces of outdated or damaged equipment into the oceans, seas and lakes, turning them into artificial reefs. Subway cars, naval ships, tanks and more rest on the sea floor, making homes for sea life and attracting divers.

Artificial reefs are a proven method for improving the living conditions for wildlife under the water.

As Sevan is the most important water resource for Armenia, Armdiving is focused on improving the conditions for fish and crabs that live there. We create homes for fish in Sevan and help to grow the biodiversity of the lake.

Moreover, artificial reefs create beautiful diving locations for scuba divers and make the dives more interesting.

Some of our recent reefs are the largest Wikipedia logo that lies on the bottom of Sevan and “Anmoruk” (Forget-me-not) as a memorial for the 100th Anniversary for the Armenian Genocide. These reefs have already become home for dozens of crabs and fishes.

More of them are still waiting for their comfortable corner for breeding, so if you have any interesting ideas on what reefs we should create, we are happy to hear from you!