scuba diving hands signal

Divers Underwater Language with Gestures

Difficulties in water communication for divers are due to the lack of sound for the transmission of information and the inability to express facial expressions. However, there is a system for international dive gestures that allows you to communicate in the underwater world, describe typical situations, organize “water communication”. The underwater language is the result […]

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Stromatolites - Underwater Sevan


Stromatolites are layered rock formations that are mainly formed in shallow layers of salt or fresh water. They are formed as a result of the biological activity of cyanobacteria, which are otherwise called blue-green algae. Cyanobacteria uses water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight to make their food, then emit oxygen as a supplement. During the Proterozoic […]

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Amphipod - Underwater Sevan

Sevan Flora

Lake Sevan is a miracle of nature, one of the most beautiful high mountain lakes, located between mountains, at an altitude of 1900m above sea level. Its fresh water is clear and clean. According to tradition, stars and gods drank water from Sevan. Myths of the formation of the lake Lake Sevan and its surroundings […]

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Learn Scuba Diving in Armenia

Scuba Diving Ecotourism

The environmental problems facing the world today, including water contamination and depletion, global warming, climate change, air pollution, wastes and deforestation, stem mainly from the behaviors of individuals and societies. Environmentally responsible behavior is a characteristic of individuals who are knowledgeable and concerned about the environment and will therefore engage in a behavior that won’t […]

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