January 3, 2018

Clean Sevan

The rising popularity of Lake Sevan also has its downsides, particularly the increasing pollution of the lake. We need to keep clean the places we dive and swim in to also develop ecotourism in Armenia.

Each season ArmDiving organizes diving trips with a single aim of cleaning the bottom of Sevan from tires, bottles, old fishnets and other garbage that pollute our lake. Already over 190 bags of trash have been collected from the bottom of the lake in the previous 2 years and we are constantly expanding our cleaning areas and more and more people join us every season.

We recycle the collected trash and make different things out of it and sell them. The collected income is spent to fulfill the needs of the club.

We do realize that it is not possible to clean the bottom of the lake with just several divers, but our aim is mostly to prevent the escalated pollution of the lake and also grab the public attention to the matter.

Diving for cleaning is not only good for keeping Lake Sevan clean, but it is also a good diving exercise for those who just got their certificate and those who want to refresh their diving skills, work in a small team underwater and pass some great time with other divers!
Want to have some good time and do good to our ecology? Join us on one of our cleaning dives in Sevan!

Taking wheels out of Sevan and passing to border