January 3, 2018

Diving Seminars

As a community of enthusiasts who also aim to make our ecosystem better for everyone, we value a lot the role of education of the younger generations.

During these seminars we tell children about diving, demonstrate diving equipment, teach about the environmental issues the world is facing and show some videos taken during the ArmDiving tours.

The first diving seminar was hosted in 2016 at Wikicamp, organized by Wikimedia Armenia. The seminar’s popularity and the excitement of the children were a signal to continue this initiative.

The next seminar was organized at Dilijan International School, followed by Stepanakert, where children had the chance to snorkel and also take their first breath under the water. Recently we did the seminar in Gyumri, where adults were also interested.

We believe that this initiative is important not only for the development of Armenian diving, but also for bringing up a generation with wide worldview who care about the world they live in.