January 3, 2018

Fun Events

Diving is about exploring places and things that are less popular for an average tourist. This is true both for underwater and above-water explorations.

Underwater Quest in Sevan

In order to be allowed to participate in the quest, you need to be a certified scuba diver.


The “Mamik-Lastik” song was born during one of our “Tsovic Tsov Hayastan” trips, to be more precise on the way from Coctebel to Krasnodar. The way was long and we started to sing in the car the “Totik Totik” song by GATA Band. Jokingly we started to replace the real words with diving related terms and the idea was born to change the whole song and record it.

We addressed to the GATA band (Andranik Manukyan and Garegin Araqelyan) who kindly agreed to provide us both the song minus one and filming booth, as well as helped with recording the song. This way the “Mamik-Lastik” song was born.

Tsovis Tsov Hayastan

Every year we organize a diving trip to another country that has interesting dive locations. This is probably one of the most exciting and loved project we have in our club.

Project introduction

Montenegro (2019)

Egypt (2018)

United Arab Emirates (2017)

Crimea (2016)

Georgia (2015)

Western Armenia (2014)