first aid Armenia

ALl you need to know

Emergency First Response is an international course that teaches how to act before an ambulance arrives when your loved one or the person next to you is feeling unwell.

The EFR international certification is done according to EFR standards through an instructor licensed by them. The certificate is the same in all countries, is accepted anywhere in the world and is equivalent to the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, Sant Jones certificates.

The groups are formed according to languages: Armenian-speaking, Russian-speaking and English-speaking.

  • Duration: 2-4 days, 2-4 hours a day
  • Location: Ayvazovski 7/12, near Erebuni medical center.
  • Cost: Please see the pricelist.
  • What is included in price: practical exercises, theoretical materials, EFR international or ArmDiving certificate.
  • Instructor: EFR Instructor Ariel Malhasyan.
  • Certificate: You can choose between an international EFR certificate and a participation certificate issued by ArmDiving.
  • Booking: Advance booking is required.

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