The lake Sevan is one of the largest freshwater high altitude lakes in the world. A wonderful mountainous lake is located on the territory of Armenia, in Caucasus region. 

Transparency of water varies depending on the season and weather conditions.

The accessibility of the lake is determined by the proximity to the capital (about an hour drive, or 60 km far from Yerevan) and the possibility of staying in hotels and camping sites on the shore.

A modern PADI dive center is a convenient training base for scuba and free divers from all over the world, as well as it suggests rooms for overnight stay with wonderful breakfast included.



Altitude diving

Sevan is located 1900 meters above Sea level.

Technical Diving

Suitable location, water temperature and water depth.

Deep Freediving

Comfortable freediving platform by 81m deep point.

Scuba classes

All you need in one place for Scuba classes.

NAtural reefs

Lots of underwater natural reefs in mountainous lake.

300 plant types

Enjoy underwater forest with about 300 types of plants.


Discover stromatolites, first live organisms of the world.

No WAVES & Currents

Absence of big waves and currents

Technical Details of Sevan

Lake Type


Altitude above sea level

1900 meters


3-8 meters

Average depth

26.8 meters

Deepest point

81 meters



Weather in Sevan

Average monthly air temperature in Lake Sevan (Celsius & Fahrenheit).

Sevan Water Temperature

Water temperature range in Lake Sevan by month. Shown historical data for the last 7 years.