March 13, 2018

Club Members


All interested individuals are invited to join our “ArmDiving divers club”. You don’t need to be a certified diver, having a sole desire and enthusiasm are just enough to join the club. Club members, depending on their diving certification status, participate in appropriate programs and activities.

To become a member please first read our Terms and Conditions, therefore download the application form in desired language and follow the instructions mentioned in the below part of the document.

To leave the membership, simply click here.


Member Name Membership Date
47 Gor Hovhannisyan 02-Nov-2018
46 Garik Tovmasyan 11-Oct-2018
45 Saro Dogan 09-Aug-2018
44 Sona Manukyan 15-June-2018
43 Ariel Malhasyan 15-June-2018
42 Rafayel Yeranosyan 15-May-2018
41 Anush Ghambaryan 29-Mar-2018
40 Artur Hakobyan 28-Mar-2018
39 David Sirunian 22-Mar-2018
38 Sophie Mehrabyan 21-Mar-2018
37 Arevik Harutyunyan 20-Mar-2018
36 Olga Davydova 30-Dec-2017
35 Arshak Karapetyan 26-Jul-2016
34 Aram Abrahamyan 25-Jul-2016
33 Hayk Hakobyan 25-Jul-2016
32 Vahe Muradyan 25-Jul-2016
31 Grigor Avetisyan 25-Jul-2016
30 Arpine Zargaryan 01-Jul-2016
29 Artak Davtyan 01-Jul-2016
28 Vigen Badalyan 01-Jul-2016
27 Alexandr Margaryan 01-Jul-2016
26 Rafael Ishkhanyan 27-Nov-2015
25 Lusine Shakhoyan 27-Nov-2015
24 Tigran Alayan 27-Nov-2015
23 Vardan Gulkanyan 27-Nov-2015
22 Nikolay Tamrazyan 27-Nov-2015
21 Hovhannes Kuloghlyan 27-Nov-2015
20 Syuzanna Eprikyan 02-Nov-2015
19 Liana Avetisyan 02-Nov-2015
18 Vardan Manukyan 02-Nov-2015
17 Hrayr Azizbekyan 17-Jul-2015
16 David Petrosyan 09-Jul-2015
15 Artur Bayramyan 09-Jul-2015
14 Vahan Avagyan 09-Jul-2015
13 Mher Azizbekyan 09-Jul-2015
12 Mushegh Hakobyan 09-Jul-2015
11 Aramayis Harutyunyan 09-Jul-2015
10 Aram Muradyan 09-Jul-2015
9 Levon Khachatryan 09-Jul-2015
8 Levon Eghoyan 09-Jul-2015
7 Vahram Margaryan 09-Jul-2015
6 Karen Melkumyan 08-Jul-2015
5 Areg Azizbekyan 09-Jul-2015
4 Levon Shahmuradyan 08-Jul-2015
3 Mamikon Hakobyan 01-Jul-2015
2 Haik Bairamian 01-Jul-2015
1 Tigran Azizbekyan 01-Jul-2015


See also the list of divers certified by ArmDiving.